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Arabica Coffee
Arabica coffee (Coffea arabica) is a shrub in the family Rubiaceae native of Ethiopia; is the main species cultivated for the production of coffee, obtained from the roasted seeds, also are the oldest in agriculture, being used at the end of the first millennium in the Arabian Peninsula. Reaches 12 feet tall in the wild, with leaves found, oval or oblong, dark green color. The inflorescences are axillary. It produces a bright red berry, which contains two seeds. The fruits of Coffea arabica contains less caffeine than other commercially cultivated species.

Although coffee originated in Ethiopia, or possibly Persia, its cultivation has great economic importance in Africa and America. Costa Rica, Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia are the leading producers of coffee. Etymologically, coffee comes from the Arabic word quahwah.
In the world coffee market, highlighting the United States, followed by Germany and by population, Finland is the country that consumes more coffee.


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