Coffee Benefits

The cafe offers a wide variety of health benefits by improving in many cases the quality of life of those who use it, and appreciate consequently, a large-scale trend in countries where it is consumed in larger amounts, some of the properties medicinal coffee are:

  Painkiller: Coffee favors the efficacy of analgesics, especially those who act against the headache is for this reason that some manufacturers of aspirin also include a small dose of caffeine in their tablets. At the same time, it can alleviate asthma in some people.

  Antidiabetic: Coffee consumption may reduce the risk of type II diabetes halfway.

  Antineoplastic: In men, reduces the appearance of gallstones and gallbladder disease.

In several studies, it has been noted that alcohol drinkers who consume four or more cups of coffee a day reduced to one-fifth the risk of cirrhosis, and if necessary to develop the disease, the risk of death was reduced by 30 percent in patients who consume a lot of coffee. Coffee may reduce the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma, a variety of liver cancer.

  Cardioprotective: According to a study conducted over 12 years in Finland (a country that holds the record for coffee consumption with an average of nine cups a day per adult) by the National Public Health Institute in Helsinki on 14,600 adults aged 35 to 64 years without history of cardiovascular disease, it seems that the higher coffee consumption, the greater the tendency of decrease in type II diabetes.

Coffee reduces the incidence of heart disease, although it is unknown whether this is so simply because the blood pound of excess fat or if it's because of their stimulating effect.

Women who consume coffee have fewer episodes of cardiovascular disease, while less likely to get cancer than the general population. For women who drank 6 or more cups profit is even more prominent.

  Laxative / diuretic: Coffee is also a powerful stimulant of peristalsis and is sometimes considered to prevent constipation; it is also diuretic.

Did you know?
Coffee is a significant source of antioxidants, important to fight ageing.
It nearly contains no calories and cuts the sensation of hunger, helping in weight reducing regimes.
Drinking coffee improves mood and mental sharpness, and helps reducing headaches.




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