Origin Of Coffee

While someone believe that coffee comes from Arabia, the truth is quite different, since the first coffee plants are reports that are located in Ethiopia.

There are several legends about the discovery of this beverage, and even multiple versions of each, even though one of the most frequent, is that those responsible for this drink are equally a herd of goats, a pastor and an abbot, it is a pretty funny story, without ceasing to be legend, worth knowing:

Around the year 300 DCUn shepherd named Kaldi noticed that his sheep, after eating the fruit and leaves of a bush were much more vital, jumped and ran happily until nightfall, so decided to try the fruit of that plant that both encouraged his flock.

When he did, he felt full of vitality, so he decided to collect a so many branches of this great shrub, and things seem that teach the abbot of the monastery to discuss the properties of this plant. The abbot, cooked the mixture, but the result was such a bitter drink and finally end over the coals.

After couple minutes, they began to feel the aroma of roasted coffee which made Abbot will toast that fruit, and the rest of the story is already known worldwide.



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