Making a good coffee

Several factors. The following are the ones you will necessarily have to take into account to get a coffee drink as consumed in Colombia.

The quality of the coffee used
As we have seen, the coffee is a special product. Produce quality coffee demand numerous efforts of hundreds of thousands of producers in Colombia. So a quality beverage depends on having quality coffee. The Café de Colombia is the heart of the drink.
Quality is a concept applied in many areas of human evolution that allows us to achieve excellence. Be sure to buy a good coffee, to know what is your origin will ensure the unique opportunity to obtain satisfactions that might otherwise did not achieve.

Roasting Coffee
Today, forms of coffee consumption can cause many different degrees of roasting - coffee - roasting. Since clear roasting that are consumed in some countries of Central Europe to the very dark as can be obtained from the "French Roast" or coffee preparations of Turkish style. A roasting for espresso drink can be intermediate. The different degrees of roasting are associated in the way of heat is applied to green coffee the intensity of the application, and the time of this.
The Colombian coffee meets minimum quality conditions thanks to the good controls made the tree to the cup and the various efforts of brand marketers that allow 100% Colombian coffee ensure outstanding. So every brand of Colombian coffee can have a degree of roast that meets the tastes of a market or consumer group. There is thus sufficient variability within Colombia Coffee, to ensure quality and the desired taste.
It is therefore difficult to recommend a specific point of roasting. What I can mention is the need to perceive the different features that can offer us a coffee, and yes it can influence the shape and degree of roast. If you would like to enjoy a coffee acidity, it could not perform with a high level cafes roasting. Conversely, if you like coffee with body, not to be found at low levels of roasting.

A suitable milled coffee according to the preparation time
The purpose of grinding is to reduce the size of the dried grain to facilitate extraction of aromas and soluble compounds during preparation of the beverage. Thus, the contact time determines how water-coffee determines how much coffee flavoring material will be extracted from the ground coffee.
To avoid under development or excessive extraction of flavor components, you must set the correct particle size of ground coffee. Here's how it becomes necessary to adjust the mills to ensure this effect.

Type Gridding Time of preparation Type of coffee maker
Thickness 6-9 min. Piston
Medium 4-6 min. With automatic or manual filter systems
Thin 0.5-4 min. For Mocha or Espresso

As a general rule, long setup times should be complemented by larger particles (coarser grind), and shorter times with smaller particles (finer grind).

Water quality
Of course, the water quality has a major impact on the final flavor of the drink. The water should be clear, not present taints, you must ensure that it is free of contaminants, or substances such as chlorine, and mineral content of calcium and magnesium hardness conferring water, are in median proportion (less to 150 ppm, expressed as calcium carbonate CaCO3). In this sense, do not use water drawn from deep wells or chlorinated water or water pipeline that have not been filtered. In general, the best water (to prevent flavor changes) are bottled.

Water temperature
The water temperature during brewing, affects the degree of extraction of flavor components for Colombian Coffee. Usually as soon water reaches its boiling point is used. The water at these temperatures released the aromatic materials more quickly and allows correct extraction of other soluble in a reasonable time.
As a rule, the temperature should be kept constant throughout the brewing cycle.

Correct proportion between of coffee and water
The relationship between the amounts of water per 500 grams of ground coffee used, will determine the density of the beverage and the ability to appreciate. Depending on the country may be consumed very dilute or more concentrated coffee. The following table shows the suggested Colombian Coffee for a typical consumption in countries like Colombia, Northern Europe or North America is detailed.

Water Coffee Relation % Cups-oz.
8 oz. 0,24 Liter 13g (2 teaspoons) 6:2 1
16 oz. 0,5 Liter 30g (5 teaspoons) 6:0 2
24 oz. 0,74 Liter 44g (7 teaspoons) 6:0 3
34 oz. 1 Liter 60g (10 teaspoons) 6:0 4

(Generally 5 to 7 gr. coffee per 120 ml of water)



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