Solidary Plantation

AmoCafe® have joined to Flor de Apia® in “The Solidarity Plantation”, this is a charity initiative which a special coffee tree can be sponsored from somebody and his production is sending to his owner (sponsor) annually to celebrate Christmas time with a special roasted coffee. 70% of the money collected is invested in charities for the most disadvantaged people of Apia, and 30% in scientific research to improve all the factors involved in farming and cultivation of coffee, such as soil improvement, biological pest control etc…

Do you want to be part of this initiative?

Sponsor a coffee tree for 1 euro per week and receive the coffee for your own celebration, every Christmas, Islamic New Year or Nowruz.
With this euro per week, i.e. 52 euros a year, payable in advance in one single fee, you are financing purchase the coffee plant, care of it, harvesting, roasting and shipping it coffee to your home.

With this action you are contributing:
70% in direct relief efforts to the neediest people in the coffee Apia village given for them: Hot water at the residence for elderly people, activities for the disadvantaged children of the village and in general better live conditions, and with other 30% you are apporting to make scientific investigation on the coffee field, to help the small coffee growers to be more productive, improving the soil quality, biological pest control and in general developing new technics and strategies around coffee farming.

Countries Enrolled:
For logistic reasons, this initiative at the moment is limited to the following countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Norway and now UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Algeria, Bahrein, Saudi Arab, Yamen, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Iraq, Turkey.

How do I take part?
1•Transfer 52 Euros (1-year fee). For complete info how make this yearly fee and give us your celebration month and postal address where you want receive your own 100% Colombian Arabica Special Edition Coffee. For more info please call +971-4-363-8916 or e-mail us at


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