How do we produce?

From our crop to your cup. Always looking for perfection.
Each product is made with utmost care, following strict ecological criteria.
AmoCafe® guarantees to the final consumer that its coffee is made of 100% top quality authentic Arabica washed coffee beans.
The roasting is done by specialists, and each one of the 4 phases (dehydration, caramelisation, body and acidity) are adjusted according to the characteristics that have to be accentuated.
The bright taste starts with citrus notes, followed by the flavor of wild berries, chocolate and caramel.
The coffee is grown, washed, roasted and packed hermetically on the plantation itself, on the clean and immaculate Andes heights at 1.800m.
This complete treatment on the plantation itself makes the “Flor de Apia” coffee unique in the world.
That’s how our coffee reaches your cup with all its aromatic potential preserved.
This is the big difference between a Single Origin Gourmet Coffee from “AmoCafe®”, and other coffees mixed from varying qualities manufactured by big roasting companies.
In AmoCafe bags you will find just optimal coffee beans with a perfect roast.

¡A perfect product that will cherish your 5 senses!


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