Our Farm

At 1.800 m. growing up our special Colombian Arabica Coffee @Flor de Apia.

Flor de Apia Farm

Flor de Apia® coffee state evolved from a small classic coffee farm to a 100% ecologic and high technology farm, that has integrated all the biological systems necessary to create a biotope where all waste is recycled into materials useful to nature.

Shade trees that shelter birds, the natural predators of harmful insects, and the inclusion of aromatic herbs among the coffee trees allow to avoid the application of chemical pesticides.
Alternative crops, planted when renewing the coffee trees enrich the soil naturally.

Coffee pulp and waste water from the coffee washing, are two of major pollutants in coffee processing, those are completely recycled:

- The pulp through composting in a natural fertilizer, rich in nitrates, phosphates and potassium, the three essential fertilizers, and also containing all the micronutrients absent in chemical fertilizers, moreover greatly improves the soil and crop quality.
- The water for washing the coffee comes from springs on the farm and is biologically purified before being returned to nature totally clean.

The parchment is used as a clean bio-fuel, avoiding the use of polluting fossil fuels. Wet milling of the coffee is made with a controlled fermentation, during which the mucilage delivers all its organoleptic ingredients to the beans, resulting in a perfect balance of sweetness and aroma.

Coffee drying begins mechanically in a controlled environment to remove moisture and to stop the fermentation process, and then is moved to the terraces where the sun dries the coffee slowly and naturally. This combination of drying systems provides an accentuation of exquisite flavors.
All phases of the process are controlled by the quality analysts from our own team laboratory on the farm.

The coffee is roasted in a state of the art roasting facility with fluidized bed allowing a 100% equal roast of all grains, and electronically controlled according to the program prepared by our coffee cupper in our own lab.
Immediately after roasting, the coffee is packaged in tri-laminated bags with degassing valve ensuring its perfect conservation to the end consumer.

AmoCafe® guarantee that their coffee bags only contain 100% High Mountain Arabica Single State Colombian Coffee, product of the perfect harmony between nature and technology. 


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